Keeping safe

Keeping safe at home

Feeling safe in your home andwhen you are out is really important and there a lots of things you can do to help be safe and feel safe.

Home safety tips

Secure your doors and windows. Make sure you never leave windows or doors unlocked when you are out or at night. Never leave large amounts of cash in your house. Never open the door to someone you don’t know. If someone is at your door and you are not expecting them, talk to them through the door, ask people who they are and only speak to them with the chain on the door to see their identification. Never let anyone into your home without identification or if you have any doubt about their authenticity. Make sure you have a smoke alarm that works. Call Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service on (01480) 444 500 for a free home fire safety check.

Communication tips

If someone phones you saying they are from your bank or that you have won a competition, never give them your bank or credit card details. If this happens, just hang up the phone. When you are buying something online, before entering your payment details, check for a padlock in the bottom right-hand of the browser

window, if it is not there then the details you are entering are not secure. Banks will never contact you  via email asking for your pin number or bank details, these are always junk emails. Also ignore emails from people requesting money.

Keeping safe when you are out and about

Stay safe when you are out by keeping to busy streets, going out with a friend and keeping your purse or wallet safe at all times. If travelling by bus sit near the driver.

If travelling by train sit on a busy well-lit part of the platform and in a busy carriage.

If travelling by taxi, use a company you know or one a friend has recommended, have your keys ready so you can get into your house quickly at the end of your journey and if you feel uncomfortable in the taxi ask the driver to stop in a place you know and get out.